About Us

The Eurochild project began in 1995 with a series of poetry workshops that took place in schools and youth groups in Cork city and county, as part of  Tigh Filí’s youth outreach programme. Following the success of the workshops, it was decided to publish the children’s work in an anthology. Today, the multilingual mother-tongue Eurochild Anthology of Children’s Artwork and Poetry includes the work of over 1000 young poets and artists from all over the world.

Published annually, the Eurochild Anthology offers a cultural shapshot of a moment in time through the eyes of a child and has become an important way of documenting the issues affecting children in today’s world. It offers a record of individual children’s voices from all over the world, recognising the absolute value of each child’s voice to the narrative of human experience. Eurochild takes its lead from the children involved in the project. Its whole inspiration comes from their spontaneous sense of possibility, and their equally instinctive sense of justice.

Our Collaborations

Tigh Filí has been careful to encourage interest and collaboration from abroad on all its projects, to ensure the circulation to as wide an audience as possible of the Eurochild idea and the artistic work of its young artists and poets.

In 1996, Eurochild was invited to France to take part in the EuroÉcole Children’s Festival. That relationship has played an important role in helping Eurochild to expand its contact base and make it a truly international publication. In 2013 Eurochild returned to Nantes to participate again in the  EuroÉcole festival and re-establish links with European schools.

In 2010, Eurochild-Tigh Filí became a member of the EU-level child advocacy and policy-making umbrella Eurochild.org. While the two organisations share a similar vision, Eurochild-Tigh Filí’s commitment to children focuses on the power and value of art in children’s lives as a way of shaping the future of all of us.

Our Aims and Objectives

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